What Are Your 2019 Safeguarding Resolutions?

Safeguarding 2019

Did you make any New Year Resolutions for 2019?

Perhaps you vowed to quit smoking, to exercise more, or to spend less time on social media.

We’ve been making some resolutions of our own.

We asked some key members of the wider safeguarding in sport community if they have any safeguarding resolutions for 2019.

Marc Scott, Safeguarding Adults in Sport Manager, Ann Craft Trust

To develop further resources and information about the Mental Capacity Act relevant to the Sport and Activity sector.

Ieuan Watkins, Safeguarding Adults in Sport Manager – Wales, Ann Craft Trust

To work closely with all Welsh sports to develop the understanding of Adults at Risk within their organisations, ensuring they develop their policies, processes and duty of care.

Sallie Barker, Chair of The Safeguarding Adults in Sport Management Group

My aim is to ensure that the Steering Group continues to provide positive support and direction to the Ann Craft Trust so that we can ensure all adults are able to participate in a safe and inclusive sporting culture.

Jackie Reid, Safeguarding and Equality Manager, Royal Yachting Association

First, to make sure all our Sailability clubs are fully aware of their safeguarding responsibilities and the resources now available from ACT.

Second, to get all our affiliated clubs thinking about their duty of care to their adult members who may not consider themselves as having a disability, but may at times be regarded as vulnerable or ‘at risk’. This could be due to mental health issues or progressive age-related conditions such as sight or hearing loss, arthritis or dementia. Our clubs need to think about how to support them so that they can stay physically active and socially engaged for as long as possible.

Nicola File, Projects Officer, Under-Represented Groups, Kent Sport

My resolution is to fully embed Safeguarding Adults across the Kent Sport team to support partners and implement their policies and procedures.

Emma Gibson, Ethics & Compliance Manager, Badminton England

Badminton England is committed to ensuring the wellbeing and enjoyment of badminton for all involved in our sport, young and old. In 2019 we will continue to engage with our participants to ensure their sporting experience is inclusive, positive and safe for all involved.

Gordon Clark, Sport Wales Senior Officer

To work with the Ann Craft Trust to better understand the Adults at Risk needs of the Welsh Sporting Sector and put in place a long term partner support solution.

Zita Cameron, Head of Governance & Safeguarding Officer, Swim Wales

Learn more about what we need to do in sport to understand our responsibilities for Adults at Risk.

Develop and implement good practices that supports the wellbeing of Adults at Risk while participating in sport.

Develop clear processes and procedures for AAR in Sport.

Understand more about Adults at Risk who participate in sport, and our responsibilities for their wellbeing.

Clive Chard – Safeguarding Coordinator, Welsh Rugby Union

To attain a greater understanding of Safeguarding Adults at Risk within our sport, and to be able to impart that knowledge competently and effectively to our Club Safeguarding Officers, who are directly involved with volunteers at ‘grass roots’ level.

Cerri Dando, NSPCC CPSU Wales

To further my knowledge and understanding of Adults at Risk in general, how it translates into sport and how the processes and procedures differ to those of children.

Laura Whapham, NSPCC CPSU Senior Consultant Wales

To gain a better understanding of the difference between adult and child safeguarding to ensure a seamless safeguarding service for sport across Wales.

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