Organisation Evaluation and Action Plan for Safeguarding Adults

Generally speaking, do you feel that you understand the issues around safeguarding adults?

Your Knowledge Base

What else do you need to know?

For example, consider how well you understand the following when it applies to you and your organisation:

  • 1)Relevant legislation and guidance regarding safeguarding adults:
    • a)Care Act 2014
    • b)Mental Capacity Act 2005
    • c)Disclosure and Barring checks for working with adults at risk
  • 2)Your responsibilities as an organisation to safeguarding adults
  • 3)How to write a policy and procedures document

Your Organisation

  • What awareness is there of adults at risk?
  • Is your board supportive of safeguarding adults at risk?
  • Is there a designated officer for adults at risk?
  • What training is available regarding adults at risk?
  • Who is the training available for?

Policy and Procedures

  • Does your organisation have a safeguarding adults at risk policy?
  • Is it a separate policy, or does it cover both adults and children at risk?
  • Are all of your staff and volunteers aware that it exists? Do they understand it?
  • Are there policies and procedures for recruiting staff and volunteers working with adults at risk?
  • How current is the information in your policy and procedures? Has it been reviewed since the 2014 Care Act?
  • Are the reporting policies clear? Is there a whistle-blowing policy?
  • What other policies do you have that support the safeguarding of adults at risk?

Contact with External Agencies

  • Do you know who to go to in your local authority to raise concerns?
  • Have you raised concerns to the local authority?
  • Do you have clear reporting mechanisms?
  • Do you know who to contact nationally for specialist advice?

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