Reach In: SafeLives Support People Experiencing Domestic Abuse During Lockdown

SafeLives Reach In

It’s hard to reach out for help from behind closed doors. Sometimes, we need someone to help from the outside.

Lockdown is difficult for everyone. If you’re living with an abusive partner or family member, it can be dangerous, traumatic and relentless. Opportunities to get support are more limited than ever. So offering support becomes even more valuable.

Reach In is a new campaign from SafeLives to support people experiencing domestic abuse during lockdown.

Reaching in Changes Lives

You’ll find all the information you need on the SafeLives Reach In hub.

There are clear guidelines on how you can help people experiencing domestic abuse under lockdown. There’s advice on preparing, listening, and reassuring, with outlines on the sort of questions you might ask, and the sort of practical help you can provide.

There’s also a big pink “LEAVE THIS SITE” button, that’ll instantly take you to the BBC news site. This is an important feature for anyone who might worry about an abusive individual monitoring their online activity.

This is Not Your Fault

Head here to access the SafeLive Reach In resources. 

If you believe someone is in immediate danger, call 999 and ask for the police.

Silent calls will work if you are not safe to speak. Us the Silent Solution system and call 999 and then press 55 when prompted.