Protecting Disabled Children From Sexual Abuse

A new report from Anita Franklin, Alex Toft and Sarah Goff considers parents’ and carers’ views on preventing sexual abuse.

The report gathers insight from 30 parents and carers of disabled children, including children with physical and learning disabilities, and complex communication needs.

Seeking the views and expertise of parents and carers is a vital part of understanding what we need to do to help keep disabled children safe from sexual abuse.

The report set out to discover what parents and carers of disabled children think about:

  • The most effective ways to keep their children safe from sexual abuse and where they feel they need more support.
  • How they have conversations with their children about sexual abuse.
  • Who they go to for advice and support and how they would like professionals and other community groups to engage with them on preventing child sexual abuse.

You can download the report from the NSPCC Learning Site.