Coming Soon – Online Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity Training

Online Safeguarding Sport Training

We have partnered with UK Coaching to develop introductory online training on safeguarding adults in sport and activity.

This course will cover the essentials for safeguarding adults at risk in sport and physical activity. If you work with adults at risk, and if you have direct responsibility for a participant’s welfare, this course is for you.

The training course will be aligned to the CIMSPA professional standards for Safeguarding Adults and Adults at Risk at level 1.

About the Course

Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Physical Activity is about protecting adults from abuse and neglect. We do this by creating a safe environment in which to play sport and be active. In addition, we must be prepared to respond to any abuse that is happening outside of sport and activity.

So we developed this online training to minimise the risk of harm, and to help people learn to respond and act effectively if any issues arise.

ACT is funded by Sport England to support National Governing Bodies, County Sports Partnerships, regional partnerships and sport and activity organisations to develop best practice in safeguarding adults at risk. We put this course together by drawing from the wealth of knowledge and experience within the team.

Help Us to Keep Adults Safe From Abuse

David Turner, the Coaching Children Lead from UK Coaching, said:

We are very excited to be partnering with the Ann Craft Trust to develop this online training course.

Safeguarding adults is an extremely important and emerging area of work. This online course will help coaches and volunteers to understand how they can help to keep adults safe from abuse.

ACT is a member of the Safeguarding Strategic Partnership. The partnership recently surveyed sports organisations about training needs. Above all, they found a need for more accessible safeguarding adults training.

I hope that this online training course will help volunteers at grass roots level to understand their responsibilities for safeguarding adults. It will teach them about the most important areas of safeguarding adults. Meanwhile, activities, questions and tasks throughout the training will bring the content to life.

Want to Take the Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity Training?

Online training is no substitute for attending a course. We hope this will act as a starting point for a wider conversation about our shared responsibility to safeguard adults.

We expect to launch this training in June 2019. Meanwhile, if you want to commission us to deliver face to face training, don’t hesitate to get in touch.