Non-Recent Child Sexual Abuse at Chelsea Football Club – A Review

Child Sexual Abuse Chelsea FC

The report by Charles Geekie QC follows the disclosures of non-recent child sexual abuse at Chelsea FC in the 1970s.

The report is concerned with the destructive power of child sexual abuse in a sport setting. The aim is to make football a safer place for children through better understanding past events.

Playing sport brings physical and mental fitness and agility. It provides lifelong pleasure. Team sports bring the virtues of cooperation and working together. For the young, playing sport also helps to learn how to win and to lose well.

Child sexual abuse is a scourge upon humanity. It causes misery and lifelong harm. It also disrupts social and emotional development.

This Review will investigate and come to a judgement upon non-recent, or historic, matters. This involves placing those historic events in the appropriate legal, regulatory and social framework.

You can read the report in full here.

Please note: The report contains details accounts of child sexual abuse. So some readers may find it disturbing.