Lockdown, Article 8 and The Human Rights Act – Safeguarding Matters

Lockdown and Human Rights

ACT CEO Deborah Kitson talks to Anna-Maria Poku about the right to a family life.

Article 8 of the Human Rights Act protects the rights of private and family life. Everyone has the right to live privately without government interference. Because of Article 8, the government cannot interfere with any individual’s private lifestyle. The same article protects the right to enjoy family life without government interference.

Lockdown has obviously interfered with Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. The government would argue that they’ve compromised individuals’ human rights for the right reasons. But who makes these decisions?

Through lockdown, the government has prioritised the nation’s physical health over the nation’s mental health. In the interests of public health, they’ve overruled many aspects of the Human Rights Act. In this podcast, Deborah and Anna-Maria discuss whether the government was justified in acting this way. They also explore whether anyone should have the right to appeal against these infringements to their rights to private and family life.

Please note – since we recorded this podcast, the government has changed the rules once again. They’re no longer talking in terms of a tier system. They’re now considering another national lockdown.

Listen below: