It’s Never Too Late to Start Getting Active

Never Too Late to Start Exercising

How to embrace exercise as an adult if you disliked it as a child.

Bad childhood PE experiences have convinced far too many people that exercise is simply not for them.

But it’s never too late to start getting active. It’s never too late to leave behind a sedentary lifestyle and to start enjoying the many benefits that exercise can bring.

An article in the Guardian by Emine Saner explores how the right environment can make sport and activity more welcoming for everyone:

If you think about some of the things that turn people off sport, they’re probably the same things that turn people off competition. Competition can be made more inclusive beyond physical ability. What can you do about the rules, the environment, and how are you going to decide on a winner? By reframing competition, you can make it more inclusive. You can make sure that things other than sporting prowess are celebrated.

These could include allowing everyone to play, rather than only a select few making a team. Or changing the scoring so it is not only about goals or runs – the outcome of a game. You could also give scores for behaviour or skill.

The end goal of safeguarding in sport and activity is to encourage more participation. It’s very encouraging to see these ideas explored beyond the world of safeguarding.

You can read the full article here.