Introducing Our Student Safeguarding Adults Week Intern: Anna-Maria Poku

Hello All!

I am Anna-Maria Poku, and this is my first blog to introduce myself as the new placement intern with the marketing team at the Ann Craft Trust.

I have been working in this role since the beginning of October and the support I have received from the team has been wonderful. Everyone has been so welcoming, and it has been great to contribute to some of the projects happening already.

The main part of my role will be to help with the marketing of this year’s National Safeguarding Adults Week and supporting the Ann Craft Trust in its work to help provide safe spaces for adults in all areas. I am excited to work with the marketing team to promote the Ann Craft Trust’s work through social media channels and exciting events such as the weekly Twitter Hour.

I have some experience working in issues concerning safeguarding. The provision of safe spaces for everyone has always been important to me. As a Law student at the University of Nottingham, I’m living in lockdown. All of my studies are online.  The role of safeguarding, especially in regards to mental health, has never been clearer. Being a student in these times is proving to be a challenge. Spreading awareness of the avenues available to help people has never been more important.

I am really looking forward to working with the Ann Craft Trust marketing team to learn more about all that can be done to promote safeguarding adults in all its forms. I am eager to get involved as much as I can and to develop my interest in these important social issues.