Introducing Hazel Rippin, Our New Marketing Officer

I am thrilled to have joined the team as a marketing officer at The Ann Craft Trust.

I have a marketing agency background and have worked with many different businesses over the years in the private sector developing strategic plans as well as campaigns. Each had similar commercial goals, from launching products to increasing sales. It always felt good when they achieved success.

In 2019 I first learned of The Ann Craft Trust and was delighted to support the marketing team with various projects. The first was to deliver their online checklist that was in partnership with the NCVO and National Lottery. I soon realised that campaigns dedicated to creating a change and spreading awareness can be far more rewarding than any profit margin.

Over the past two years I have really enjoyed putting my digital skills to the test and helped to get the charity’s eLearning portal up and running. Developing courses with the safeguarding managers has helped me to learn more about safeguarding. Now as part of the team I am looking forward to expand on this and help develop more online courses that will reach the wider community.

As a parent, I am very aware of safety, the laws, DBS checks, and the risks children face. But up until three years ago I never considered the risks we could face as adults. I would always do my due diligence when looking at dance schools or clubs, but never thought once about what safeguarding measures were in place in my local gym, park, or hockey club for adults.

Thanks to the Ann Craft Trust I now know more about safeguarding and can help the team spread awareness so that everyone can be safe from harm.

If you are new to safeguarding then check out our resources to start your journey