How Prevalent is Abuse in Sport?

Abuse in Sport

A new report from Canada reveals the extent of abuse in sport. 

AthletesCAN, in partnership with University of Toronto, surveyed more than 1,000 top Canadian athletes. The aim was to get a picture of the extent of abuse in Canadian sport.

All Canadians have the right to participate in sport in an environment that is safe, welcoming, inclusive, ethical and respectful. This study shows us that a systemic culture shift is required to eliminate maltreatment, including sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, neglect, harassment, bullying, exploitation and discrimination.

Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport.

The report makes for a sobering read. Discrimination is rife, particularly against female athletes. Psychological abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect are also common.

It makes us wonder what the picture would be for UK sport…

You can read the key findings of the report here.