How Can You Support National Safeguarding Week in Wales?

National Safeguarding Week in Wales is 13 – 17 November.

This is a week where the five Welsh Regional Safeguarding Boards will raise awareness of key safeguarding issues. They will share information among their workforces and partners throughout Wales.

You can learn more about the week here.

Supporting Safeguarding in Wales

We’ve created a new hub of resources for any organisation who wants to learn more about safeguarding adults in Wales.

Access Our Free Safeguarding Adults in Wales Resources

An Opportunity to Reflect

Wales’s National Safeguarding Week provides a great opportunity for us all to take stock of where we are with safeguarding adults in our organisations. This is the perfect time to consider what further learning we may need on the topic. It’s a chance to improve our systems, policies, and approaches. The conversations we start this week will help us build our networks in the safeguarding world.

But however you choose to acknowledge Safeguarding during these weeks, stay mindful of your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you.

A Growing Community

I started working for The Ann Craft Trust in May 2023. I’m grateful for the chance to get to know and work with the sport communities, as this is an area that is unfamiliar to me. It’s been a challenge, but one that everyone has kindly supported me with. I have met some great people along the way, all of whom have shown me kindness and welcomed me into my role and into the sporting world!

I am getting to know many Safeguarding Lead Officers, Boards and CEOs from many sports across Wales. One thing they have in common is their commitment to embedding Safeguarding Adults throughout their sports.

Sport Wales funds my role, which demonstrates the wider commitment to safeguarding adults in sport, as well as the drive to improve and embed our safeguarding responsibilities at all levels in sport and activity. I’m in this post to support and guide NGBs with their safeguarding adults responsibilities. Following our recent increase to funding, The Ann Craft Trust will be looking at extending this support soon to National Partners and Sport Partnerships.

If I haven’t yet managed to contact you, please reach out for a chat about your Safeguarding Adults requirements. I would be happy to help.