Guidance for Social Care Workers on the Assessment of Capacity

Capacity Guide

The Capacity Guide is a joint project by Mental Health and Justice and Wellcome.

It allows practitioners to quickly access guidance to help them make assessments about capacity.

On the guide’s homepage, visitors can quickly select from a number of resources, including:

  • What it means to lack capacity to make a decision.
  • Understanding the principles I need to apply.
  • Understanding the functional criteria.
  • Thinking about specific types of decision.
  • What I should do if I think that a person cannot make the decision.

There is also a quick menu of potentially challenging situations, including:

  • I am finding it difficult to engage the person.
  • The person’s capacity seems to fluctuate.
  • The person seems to say one thing and to do another.
  • The person seems to be under the influence of someone else.

Access the Capacity Guide here.