Free Accessible Resources About Coronavirus

coronavirus resources for people with learning disabilities

Online Covid-19 support for people with learning disabilities.

Beyond Words provides books and training to support people who find pictures easier to understand than words. Their aim is to “empower people through pictures”.

We’ve already shared their “Beating the Virus” book, which explained how people might experience and recover from Covid-19. Find it here.

Now they’ve created two new books, covering different aspects of Covid-19:

  • Let’s talk about when someone is ill or dies from Coronavirus. Conversation prompts about loss, grief, and more practical things, such as social-distancing at funerals.
  • Understanding Covid-19 in secure settings. Two different stories. One’s about a man experiencing Covid-19 in prison. The other’s about a woman experiencing Covid-19 in a secure care facility.

Both of these books are free, and you can download them from here:

Download “Let’s talk about when someone is ill or dies from Coronavirus”

Download “Understanding Covid-19 in secure settings.