Disability Hate Crime – Safeguarding Matters

Lisa Curtis and Buse Ucanlar Disability Hate Crime

“It’s not a crime to be different. But it is a crime to be targeted and victimised.”

In this episode of Safeguarding Matters, ACT Safeguarding Adults Lead Lisa Curtis talks to Buse Ucanlar, a University of Nottingham Politics and International Relations student.

They talk about disability hate crime, and other forms of abuse. They touch upon the definition of a hate crime, and explore why someone might become a target of hate crimes. The pair also discuss what UK law and legislation has to say about the issue.

They also discuss the unfortunate phenomenon of “mate crime”. That’s where someone works to establish an adult at risk’s trust before abusing this trust to exploit them.

Finally, they offer some advice on what members of the public can do to help tackle the issue of disability hate crime.

Listen to this episode below: