DBS Checks in Sport – Working with Adults and Children

The DBS has launched two essential new resources.

They’re designed to help the sport and activity sector understand eligibility criteria across a range of roles.

Sports and activity organisations often ask ACT about Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks for working with adults.

The conditions for regulated activity with adults do not fit with many roles in sport and activity. Some organisations were concerned that workers and volunteers who do not work with children would not be entitled to a DBS enhanced check.

So it’s great news that the DBS has launched two brand new leaflets. They are designed to help people in the sport and activity sector understand eligibility criteria across of a range of roles.

Working With Children and Working With Adults

The leaflets are:

Each provides information and guidance on the criteria and decision-making process for roles in the sport and activity sector.

The ‘Working With Adults’ leaflet provides practical examples of roles in the sport sector. It also details the criteria they must meet to be eligible for a check. It’s especially useful if you run specific sessions for adults with care and support needs. It will help you to think about the checks you can ask your staff and volunteers to undertake.

Of course, it’s important to remember that criminal record checks are only one part of the safer recruitment process. You can find out more about the safer recruitment process by taking a look at our resources.

You can download both of the leaflets here. Among the DBS resources you’ll also find a guide to checks for charity trustees – a relevant issue for many sports organisations.

Please note that the guidance in the leaflets is not legal advice. Read them in conjunction with guidance from relevant NGBs and CSPs. And if you need help ensuring you are complying with the law, speak to a legal advisor or contact the DBS directly.