Basketball England: Upgrading & Enhancing Safeguarding Adults Procedures

Basketball England have been working to upgrade and enhance their safeguarding procedures.

As work around adults at risk has started to progress and become more recognised within the sporting sector, we have been working with Basketball England on their safeguarding adults at risk policies and procedures.

Developing safeguarding responsibilities and processes

We have been working closely with Basketball England to upgrade and enhance their safeguarding procedures, mainly around the development of Basketball England’s responsibilities and processes when it comes to adults at risk.

Publishing a policy

Basketball England has developed and published its first Adults at Risk Policy which was created with and ratified by the Ann Craft Trust team to ensure it is effective and accurate when responding to adults at risk matters that might arise within basketball.

Attending training events

Basketball England have sought out training opportunities to make sure they are ahead of the game when it comes to safeguarding adults at risk, such as attending the Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Adults in Sport and Activity Seminar 2018. This seminar covered the launch of the safeguarding adults in sport code, an introduction of a framework for safeguarding adults in sport and provided excellent insight from leading individuals from many backgrounds in the adults at risk world.

Integrating safeguarding adults at risk into on-going processes

Integrating safeguarding adults at risk into your existing processes for case management and safeguarding can help to ensure you continue to address and work towards improving safeguarding adults at risk in your organisation.

Implementation plan

Basketball England have had a “Green” rating for the 5th year running from the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU). To maintain this standard, Basketball England is working to make sure their implementation plan over the coming years is met. They’ve taken this as an opportunity to also review how they safeguard adults at risk.

Reviewing group members and recruiting

As part of the implementation plan, a review of Basketball England’s case management group has taken place to upgrade and recruit to the group in an open and transparent way. While reviewing and recruiting new members, they were sure to find a range of members with different expertise – including a key representative for adults at risk.

The case management group vacancies will be advertised on the Basketball England website.

Case management policy

Basketball England identified that adults at risk will need to be incorporated within the case management policy & terms of references to ensure that the standard of safeguarding cases can be managed at the same standard across the organisation.

We worked with Basketball England to ensure that the policy & terms of reference fitted with adults at risk so that all needs and requirements by statutory guidance are met.

How you can update your safeguarding adults procedures

We’re here to help sports and activity organisations safeguard adults at risk as effectively as possible.

Having worked with Basketball England on their procedures, Ross McGowan, Safeguarding and Compliance Manager for England Basketball said,

‘It’s been great to be able to work closely with the Ann Craft Trust over the last couple of months. In doing so Basketball England has been able to take progressive steps towards becoming an organisation that has adults at risk on every agenda and is able to deal with any concerns professionally and to the highest standards possible. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship into the future to ensure we are on the pulse when it comes to Adults at Risk and can raise awareness throughout our club network.’ 

If you’re working to update your safeguarding adults at risk policy and procedures, please get in touch to find out how the Ann Craft Trust can help.