Accessing Accurate and Understandable Information about Covid-19

Everyone deserves to have access to accurate and understandable information about Covid-19.

There may be barriers for some groups in accessing healthcare information. This could especially impact people who do not speak English, or people with learning disabilities, sight or hearing loss.

Everyone needs access to information in a language and format they understand. This is vital to allow people to make informed decisions and stay safe.

Where can you find translations of Covid-19 information?

  • NHS Inform have produced British Sign Language videos explaining the steps you can take to help avoid infection from COVID-19. The videos also include advice about overall wellbeing and self-isolation.
  • NHS Inform has produced an Easy Read version of Covid-19 advice.
  • Nottingham City Council have produced Easy Read guides to advise on the Covid-19 testing process and what to do if you are unsafe at home.
  • Nottingham City Council have translated Covid-19 information into a range of additional languages.
  • Nottingham City Council have produced British Sign Language videos to communicate the support they are providing during the pandemic.

Continue to check the NHS Inform website and your Local Authority website for regular updates and accessible Covid-19 information.