A Review of Leadership and Governance at Muckamore Abbey Hospital

Muckamore Abbey Hospital

“A catalogue of abuse and neglect.”

Since 2017, there have been many allegations of abuse and neglect taking place at Muckamore Abbey Hospital on the outskirts of Antrim, Northern Ireland.

CCTV footage apparently revealed 1,500 crimes taking place on one ward alone.

You can read a timeline of the abuse allegations on the BBC website.

Organisational Abuse Review

In 2018, an independent review team carried out a level three Serious Adverse Incident (SAI) investigation of patient safeguarding at the hospital.

The independent review team published their findings in a report that they called A Way to Go. The Department of Health (DoH) argued that this report did not sufficiently explore leadership and governance issues at the hospital. As a result, the review team carried out a fresh review into leadership and governance.

The review team has now published their findings in a new report. You can access the report here