A Manifesto for the Future of Safe Sport

Kyniska Advocacy has a vision of a sporting community that fosters a safe environment for all athletes.

They have published a manifesto that outlines the steps required to bring this vision to life – for all women in sport, everywhere.

The organisation states that 20% of women and girls across the world have suffered sexual abuse in a sporting environment. What’s more, women in the UK are 160% more likely than men to cite a lack of safe places to exercise as a barrier to sport.

The manifesto provides an outline for a new government to reimagine what safe sport could look like in the future.

Director and Co-Founder Kate Seary said:

It is frustrating to have to make these calls again for a government to protect and support survivors of abuse, and implement crucial services to stop abuse in its tracks.

We hope that a new government will be a fresh opportunity to reimagine what safe sport looks like in the future, and how we can work together to create a safe environment in sport for all women and girls, everywhere, no matter the sport they choose to play.

Read The Manifesto For The Future of Safe Sport