30 Years of the Ann Craft Trust

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2022 marks 30 years of the Ann Craft Trust. We aim to celebrate this anniversary with campaigns, events, and publications throughout the year.

The Ann Craft Trust has come a long way since 1992 and has grown to help safeguard more people as a result.

Dr Ann Craft’s work on disability was ahead of its time through the 80s and 90s.

Ann was a passionate advocate for people with disabilities. She wanted people to view them as people first, with the same hopes and dreams as others in society.

1992 – NAPSAC

In 1992, Dr Ann Craft established the National Association for the Protection from Sexual Abuse of Adults and Children with Learning Disabilities (NAPSAC).

NAPSAC was the leading organisation for promoting sexuality and independence and created a new way of thinking for practitioners and organisations around the needs of the people they supported. NAPSAC introduced sex education and safeguarding policies for services across Nottinghamshire and nationally became a champion for the rights of people with learning disabilities.

1997 – Pam Cooke & the Ann Craft Trust

In 1997, Pam Cooke was appointed Director. In 1998 NAPSAC relaunched as the Ann Craft Trust (ACT) in recognition of the enormous impact of Dr Ann Craft’s work in the field. This rebrand also reflected the organisation’s broadening remit to include safeguarding from all types of abuse.

Pam Cooke was appointed Director and developed ACT to become nationally renowned as a safeguarding expert. She’s also an advocate for equality and the rights of children with disabilities and adults at risk.

2002 – Dr Deborah Kitson

In 2002, Pam retired after 10 years committed to the Trust and its work to safeguard people from abuse. Dr Deborah Kitson became the new CEO.

Deborah transformed ACT into the flourishing and widely respected organisation it is today through hard work, determination and through inspiring not only the ACT team but others across the social work sector and beyond.

Speaking about the 30th anniversary of the Trust’s foundation, Dr Kitson said:

It is with great pleasure that I send this message to you in celebration of our 30th anniversary.

Ann established NAPSAC in 1992. She recognised that people with learning disabilities should have the same rights as the rest of us to lead fulfilling lives. But they also need to be safe and free from abuse.

NAPSAC initially focused on the sexual abuse of people with learning disabilities. We relaunched as the Ann Craft Trust in 1998 in memory of Ann following her premature death. Many respected the pioneering work she undertook throughout her life.

ACT is now committed to safeguarding disabled young people and adults at risk of any form of abuse and harm. We’re fortunate to work nationally with many individuals and a range of diverse organisations that share our commitment that everyone deserves to live their lives free of the fear of abuse.

We aim to celebrate this anniversary with campaigns, events, and publications throughout the year.

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