If you are running an event with disabled children, young people or adults at risk, it is essential that you consider safeguarding support prior to and throughout the duration of your event.

A Safeguarding Plan will help you to promote the wellbeing of your event attendees and make sure that your volunteers and staff understand their roles and responsibilities in terms of safeguarding.

As well as event planning, members of our experienced team can also be on-hand as part of your Safeguarding and Welfare Support Team. As part of the team we will work in accordance with your safeguarding plan, this might include:

  • Attending regular briefings with event teams
  • Identifying and managing emerging concerns
  • Providing guidance to events teams to help prevent further concerns or issues
  • Handle safeguarding concerns and reports directly from volunteers or staff members

By working together we can build a safeguarding plan that you are confident in and that your staff or volunteers can use simply and easily to make sure that suspicions, concerns or allegations of harm are treated seriously and appropriately.

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