What Makes a Safer Culture? #SaferCultureSaferSport Online Seminar Series

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When is it?

Wednesday, 13th October, 2021

What Makes a Safer Culture.

What Makes a Safer Culture?

In this seminar we will discuss how organisational culture forms the basis for achieving best practice in safeguarding. This will challenge you to move beyond compliance, or a ‘tick box’ approach to safeguarding in sport and activity. Instead, you can work towards recognising challenges and critiquing your own organisational culture.

‘Keeping people safe’ is not just about policies and procedures. We want you to feel confident to start conversations within your organisation, at all levels, to improve the collective understanding of what creates a positive safeguarding culture.

What will this seminar cover?

  • What we mean by a ‘Safer Culture’ within an organisation.
  • How we know whether a culture is safe.
  • The steps that leaders need to take to develop and maintain safer cultures.
  • How a safer culture contributes to reduced risk of abuse and harm and increased diversity, inclusivity and participation.
  • Tips to take back to your organisation to help you start to effect positive change.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is for anyone interested in creating organisational change in their sport and activity setting, whether at a national, county, local or club level. This might include:

  • CEOs.
  • Workforce development staff.
  • Board members.
  • Lead Safeguarding Officers.
  • Welfare Officers.
  • Athletes and participants.

About the presenter

Lisa Curtis is the Deputy CEO at ACT. With a background of over 30 years in health and social care. Lisa brings a depth of experience in a range of diverse organisations to understand their culture and how it impacts on safeguarding.

This session is part of our #SaferCulturesSaferSport online seminar series. You can learn more about this series here.

This seminar is free of charge to sport and activity organisations. Please use the booking form below to confirm your place. In the event of you being unable to attend you are welcome to pass your place to a colleague. However, there are limited places. So please let us know if you cannot attend so we can offer your place to another organisation.


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