Level 3 Training: Safeguarding Adults in Sport in Wales – February 2022

Where is it?


When is it?

From Monday, 7th February, 2022
until Tuesday, 8th February, 2022

Safeguarding Adults in Sport & Activity in England: Advanced Training for Safeguarding Leads

This course covers safeguarding adults at risk for NGBs and sport organisations in Wales.

We’ll explore best practice, the law, how to report and respond to safeguarding concerns and the importance of effective safeguarding policies and procedures.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone responsible for receiving concerns and making safeguarding referrals in NGBs and Sport Organisations in Wales.

If you are from another home nation, please contact ACT to discuss your training needs.

This course will be delivered in English

The course will take place across two 3 hour online sessions.

  • Monday 7th February 2022 (1.30 pm – 4.30 pm)
  • Tuesday 8th February 2022 (9.30 am – 12.30 pm)

There will be small group work and a small amount of reading/thinking between sessions

Please note that you must be available to attend each session to get the full training.

We only have space for 13 delegates, so book now to avoid disappointment!

This course is free for Sport Wales funded NGBs. For anyone else wanting to attend, there is a charge of £30 per module, so a total cost of £60.

Please note: If you book a place and cannot make it, please let us know within 28 days of the event. Otherwise we will charge you a cancellation fee. Feel free to send another delegate from your organisation in your place.

Aims of Safeguarding Adults in Sport & Activity Training: Level 3

  • Learn how to create a safer environment.
  • Define an adult at risk
  • Understand types of abuse, and the signs and signals of abuse.
  • Have knowledge of the safeguarding legislation and the Wales Safeguarding Procedures
  • Recognise cause for concern scenarios and understand when to refer.
  • Consider recent safeguarding cases in sport.
  • Identify responsibilities of sport organisations in safeguarding scenarios
  • Understand the role of the Local Authority.

Safeguarding Adults in Sport & Activity Training: Level 3 will explore the following areas:

  • Best practice.
    We’ll use case studies and examples of scenarios in sport organisations to demonstrate safeguarding best practice.
  • Implementing safeguarding policies.
    Learn how to implement safeguarding policies throughout your organisation. Also learn how to encourage and inform others.
  • What to do when you receive a safeguarding concern.
    Explore your role in the process. Learn how you should respond to a concern reported to you.
  • Making a safeguarding ‘referral’.
    Learn how to support the coach or volunteer who has the concern. Find out how to make a referral to the relevant authorities.
  • Safeguarding and the law.
    Identify relevant legislation to safeguarding in activity.  Discuss how these relate to safeguarding for sport and activity organisations.

We’ll also explore what you can do if a case doesn’t meet the local authority’s safeguarding adults’ thresholds, but you still want to support the person and the organisation may have responsibilities to act to prevent further harm.

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