Implementing the Mental Capacity Act Training – November 2023

Where is it?


When is it?

Wednesday, 29th November, 2023

Mental Capacity Act Training

Implementing the Mental Capacity Act is a half day workshop for practitioners who have prior knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) but who wish to improve their current understanding and implementation of the MCA including a focus on record keeping and evidence.

This training also looks at the use of restraint and restriction which covers Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). So this training will provide a solid grounding for understanding the Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS), when it is launched.

Who is this course for?

This course is for practitioners who have responsibility for implementing and embedding the Mental Capacity Act in health, social care and other related agencies.

This could include:

  • Senior managers in health and social care
  • Managers in health and social care

So this course is for people with a safeguarding responsibility, or looking to develop for a safeguarding role. It’s also suitable for people looking for personal professional development.

Date and Time

Date: 29 November 2023
Time: 09.30 am – 12.30 pm
Location: We’ll deliver the training via Microsoft TeamsYou do not need to have a Microsoft Teams account to take part. However, you might wish to download the Microsoft Teams app before joining, as it can reduce technical issues.
Cost: £80.

Aims of the Mental Capacity Act training course

  • Attendees to be aware of their legal responsibilities under the Mental Capacity Act and the implications for their practice.
  • Understand the principles of the Mental Capacity Act and have the knowledge to apply the principles in everyday practice.
  • Recognise the importance of involving people when making decisions and how this right can be upheld.
  • To be clear on documentation and recording of information at each stage of implementation.
  • Recognise how the provisions in the Act and the Code of Practice help to keep people safe
  • Understand how the Mental Capacity Act supports human rights.

The Mental Capacity Act course will explore the following areas:

  • Explore practical application of the MCA
    This course will allow practitioners to explore the practical application of the MCA and allows for reflection on current practice and how the principles of the MCA can be embedded in practice.
  • Safeguarding case studies
    The course will involve group work and the use of case studies to support the practical application.
  • Discuss common challenges and dilemmas
    Practitioners will be encouraged to share knowledge, challenges and dilemmas associated with the MCA in practice.
  • Record keeping and evidence
    This course will have a focus on embedding the MCA, particularly in terms of record keeping and evidence.
  • Use of Restraint
    This training also looks at the use of restraint and restriction which covers Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). It looks at how to identify a deprivation of liberty, how to record this, and who is involved in the process.  We will also discuss the new Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) which will soon come into practice.

If you can’t make the event

Please notify us within 28 days of the course’s start date that you cannot attend, and we will not charge you. But if you provide less than 28 days notice or do not attend on the day,  we will charge you the full course fee.

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to nominate a colleague from your organisation to attend instead. Just email their name and email address 48 hours before the start of the event.

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