CSE and the Subtle Complexities of Hidden Needs: Unseen and Unheard Harm – Safeguarding Young People Training – November 2022

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When is it?

Wednesday, 9th November, 2022

Safeguarding Children Training

Some young people face greater risks, yet they go unnoticed or unsupported.

Unseen, excluded, seen as disruptive; children and young people with hidden learning needs or autism, and those with diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities face greater risks, and can be seen as a ‘problem’.

The harm they are experiencing may not be picked up. Instead their behaviour is punished and not understood for what it is: a way of communicating their distress, fear, isolation, and trauma.

Girls with autism may not be recognised, and may not receive the help they need. Their needs may be masked or hidden because they are trying so hard to fit in or make friends. Black and minority ethnic young people may also face greater delays in getting help and support.

We need to increase mainstream practitioners’ awareness of the needs of this group of children and improve multi-agency  practice in this area.

Date: 9 November 2022
Time: 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
Cost: £99 per person

We’ll deliver the training via Microsoft TeamsYou do not need to have a Microsoft Teams account to take part. However, you might wish to download the Microsoft Teams app before joining, as it can reduce technical issues.

What are we doing? Do you think about these issues?

Many young people with hidden learning needs are currently off the radar. This course will seek to address their needs.

It will draw on:

  • Current legal and policy frameworks.
  • The voices of these children and young people.
  • The experiences of their parents seeking to protect them.
  • Recent research and current examples of good practice.

Our aim is to build understanding and confidence in hearing the voices of these children and addressing their needs.


The fee for this session is £99. 

You will need to provide an email address for us to send you your invoice to when booking onto this course. If your organisation requires a purchase order (PO) number to make payments, you will need to provide this also on booking your place. Please contact the Finance department within your own organisation if you need support with this.

You will receive an invoice within 14 days of your booking. If we are required to quote a purchase order number on your invoice, please indicate this when booking. Alternatively, please provide us with purchase order number details within 14 days of booking by emailing ann-craft-trust@nottingham.ac.uk. If the invoice is processed by your accounts or finance department, please ensure their email address is provided when booking. Your invoice will then be emailed in PDF format to the invoicing email address provided.

Cancellation Policy:  If you notify us within 28 days of the course start that you cannot attend, you will not be charged. If you provide less than 28 days notice or do not attend on the day,  you will be charged the full course fee. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to nominate a colleague from your organisation, emailing  their name and email address 48 hours before the start of the event to ann-craft-trust@nottingham.ac.uk. 

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