This course is ideal for those who live or work with adults or where adults are present, from the care sector and charities to sport and activity organisations.

This course is the first step to understanding safeguarding adults at risk.

It’s designed for people who are new to safeguarding or working with adults at risk and those looking to assess their safeguarding knowledge. It covers the essential information you need to know relating to safeguarding adults, how to recognise abuse, respond and report appropriately when a concern is raised.

The course consists of two modules. It covers what adult abuse is, how to recognise the signs and how to report a concern. It is interactive and includes video, quizzes, downloads and scenarios to help you understand and learn about keeping people safe.

The content of this course includes legislative information in England, and it offers further links to information pertaining to legislation and governance for all four nations.

When you have finished both modules, you will receive a certificate of completion.

This course costs £25 per person.

Organisations can also purchase this course for multiple users.


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What Are People Saying About ACT eLearning?

The England and Wales Cricket Board were one of the first organisations to complete our safeguarding eLearning courses.

This is what they said about their experience:

The length of the courses are appropriate for the topics, and you can easily complete each module in one sitting. It’s easy to navigate, with large and clear text throughout. The introduction explained the learning outcomes well. The tone of the course is informative with clear and reassuring language. Each section is in small and easy-to-understand chunks, but you get more information where you need it. There’s a good level of interactivity and a range of activities throughout. The additional resources are really useful, and the automated certificates are great.