We can help your organisation to improve safeguarding practice by drawing upon lessons learned from individual cases and making recommendations to prevent future incidents. The review will include a focus on multi-agency working and procedures.

The purpose of a Serious Case Review is to:

  • Establish whether there are lessons to be learnt about the ways in which local professionals and agencies worked together to safeguard children
  • Review the effectiveness of procedures (both multi agency and those of individual organisations)
  • Inform and improve local inter-agency practices
  • Improve practice by acting on learning

A Serious Case Review will include detailed action plans for all agencies involved. This will allow each agency to implement change and provide regular progress reports of their improvements in accordance with the Review.

Serious Case Reviews have also meant that organisations have been able to improve many areas of their safeguarding as well as the evaluation of their current practices, including:

  • Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
  • Safeguarding training requirements
  • Audits and evaluations
  • Running investigations

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