Deborah Kitson, Chief Executive

BA Hons Social Administration, MA Social Work, CQSW

Deborah KitsonDeborah Kitson worked for Nottinghamshire Social Services (1977-1992) as a social worker with children and adults with learning disabilities before being appointed as Implementation Officer for Nottinghamshire Abuse Procedural Guidelines based in the department of Learning Disabilities at the University of Nottingham. She assisted in the production of the guidelines and their revision and is now a consultant for other agencies developing policies and guidelines on sexuality and the protection of people with learning disabilities.

Deborah was the co-ordinator of the Ann Craft Trust (formerly known as NAPSAC - National Association for the Protection from Sexual Abuse of Adults and Children with Learning Disabilities), from 1998 and was appointed as the Trust's Director in February 2002. She has continued to facilitate training on a wide range of associated issues and regularly presents at national conferences. She represents the Trust on a number of government bodies and contributes to the planning and implementation of new national initiatives. She was also a member of the Steering Group of 'No Secrets' and is the external representative on a number of Adult Protection Committees.

Her publications include:

Selected Publications

Kitson, D. & Wilson, C. (2006) “Making the Difference: Supporting parents with a learning disability” ACT

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Chapters in books

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Recent journal articles

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